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 SHOP FOX W1687 Dust Collector

A very powerful dust extraction unit by Shop fox! This unit has a 3 horse power motor that has the capacity to keep large shops clean with air that is safe to breath. With this amount of suction you are able to make larger dust extraction systems that will handle all of your machines. If you prefer to make the dust rather than clean it up, then the 2 collection set-up will mean less time spent emptying out the collection bags and cleaning the filters and this leads to more production and profits.

This would be an ideal dust extraction system to match with the Powermatic 1791315 Planer to keep the shop clean.

I have found the best price for this dust extraction machine at Amazon where they give a great discount. The Shop Fox W1687 is available from Amazon

SHOP FOX W1687 Dust Collector

Shop Fox 1687 Dust Collector

  • Powder coated paint
  • Bag volume: 10.8 cubic feet
  • Static pressure: 14.4 Inch
  • Air suction capacity: Approximately 2800 CFM
  • Motor size: 3 HP, 220V, Single-phase, 3,450 RPM Motor Amp draw: 220V - 18A
  • 12 inch steel impeller

SHOP FOX W1687 Dust Collector Reviews

Only 2 reviews available for the SHOP FOX W1687, one a 5 star and one a three star. Again the three star criticisms were about the company and nothing to do with the machines ability to do the dust extraction it was designed to do. The owner who gave the five star rating simple stated that it was an excellent machine that did the job perfectly for what he have purchased it to do.

As you can see from the product description this is one powerful dust extraction machine that has an enormous capacity to keep even larger shops clean and dust free.It is difficult to judge with so few reviews but I still feel confident that this machine will do the job you want it to do.

There is also the added reassurance of knowing the excellent returns policy that Amazon have.

The Shop Fox W1687 is available from Amazon at an excellent price.

If you are just setting up your shop and want more information on how to set up a good dust extraction system, then I can recommend the book Woodshop Dust Control that will give you a lot of guidance.