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Delta Wood Dust Collectors

Delta wood dust collectors are an excellent choice when it comes to getting the best wood dust collector for your wood shop. They are a reasonable quiet machine but at the same time they have a great deal of suction power.

Delta dust collectors come in a variety of sizes and mobility, so there should be no problem for you to get one that suits your needs.

 Delta 50-760 Delta Wood Dust Collectors

 The DELTA 50-760 Wood Dust Collector comes with motor and blower the support frame and the one-micron filtration bag that has a sewn-in bag ring. Two six-mil plastic chip collection bags and one snap-in bag ring also two four-inch intake ports, 4 swivel-caster assemblies, the power cord, plug, and an instruction manual.

Delta 50-761 dust collector
The Delta 50-761 2 horsepower Dust Collector can move up to 2100 cubic feet per minute making it the machine that can handle very large volumes of dust and woodchips that may be coming off your wood working machines


Delta 50-765 dust collector

 The DELTA 50-765 Dust Collectoris for the serious wood worker who is looking for a dust collector that will provide clean healthy air and protect the lungs from the dangers of wood dust.

This Delta Dust Collector will handle most wood working shops


Delta 50-850A dust collector

The Delta 50 850A Canister Dust Collector is driven by a 1.5 hp motor and can move up to 1200 CFM. This vertical dust collector sets upon a sturdy steel base and the formal glide wheels make this an easy unit to move to where ever it may be required in the shop.


Delta 50-875 dust collector

The DELTA 50-875 is a 3-Speed Air Filtration System fitted with a with Remote and has three air flow settings so you can adjust for how much cleaning you need. The settings are 540 CFM, 730 CFM and 1,200 CFM.